Grade: IV, IV + (difficult, powerful waves. Very precise maneuvering required).

‘A Little BIG River’ - The emerald green Sarayu River is in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand which offers brilliant landscapes with picture perfect beaches and canyons. A Self-contained expedition on the Sarayu offers you an experience of both low and big volume river. A self-contained expedition on the Sarayu combined with ‘Himalayan’ big volume style of rafting on the lower Kali offers an awesome white water expedition experience.

7 Nights 8 Days Season: October Sheraghat, Kumaon, Uttarakhand
What makes this tour special
  • Binsar and Pancheshwar
  • Self Support
  • Outdoor beach Camping
  • Interaction with locals and insight into their lifestyle
  • 200km Rafting

DAY 00 :

Overnight train from Delhi to Kathgodam, we arrive early in the morning.

Day 01 :

A five hour road journey to Binsar, gives you splendid views of the Trisul and Nanda Devi mountain ranges. The drive in itself is an experience as we pass through several small Kumaoni villages full of welcoming locals and indigenous flora and fauna of the area. Once in Binsar we check into a hotel to spend the night before beginning the run down the River the next day.

Day 02 :

The day begins early and the first two and half hours of it are spent reaching the starting point of our expedition-Sheraghat. As per the rules, first of all a comprehensive talk on river safety is given to each one after which we consider you ready to face some grade III and IV rapids. An enthralling experience, interspaced with the amazing view of passing through distant villages with spectacular view of the Himalayas. We pitch camp late afternoon, followed by dinner around the campfire and you are ready to dream about the day that was.

Day 03 :

The day actually begins with a splendid Grade IV rapid so you know what to expect further-a little more thrill and challenges. At Rameshwar, the Ramganga joins the Sarayu and more volume is added to the already thriving river. The section below Ghat is relatively easy and gives you a chance to bodysurf or just experience the tranquil beauty of the valley. In the afternoon, we pitch camp on a sandy beach and relax after a long paddle on the water. In the evening you can choose to hike or laze around the campfire, finishing the day with a good meal.

Day 04 :

As we continue to move downward we reach the mixing of the waters of River Kali with that of River Sarayu at Pancheshwar. The Kali River you would notice brings in tremendous amount of volume and speed to the confluence making it one big Himalayan river. This stretch of river runs through a remote wilderness valley and the verdant untouched beauty around is breathtaking with some grade III+ rapids. We finish this day (as much as we may not want to) at Sonali Gaon where we camp overnight.

Day 05 :

We run the river from Sonali Gaon to Pari Gaon today which will take us to the biggest rapid River Kali has to offer- The Chuka , a great grade IV + rapid which needs to be scouted well before actually running if you want to avoid getting into the river with the raft over your head! Once this ‘obstacle’ is successfully finished we cross relatively tiny rapids. Finally, an exhausting day ends at a camp across Pari Gaon where once again you can simply relax, share stories and tuck into a delicious hot meal before retiring for the night into your cozy tents.

Day 06 :

Layover Day. Today you can take the day at your own pace, after breakfast we hike to Chuka Village. The village has an interesting history and its shot at fame is that it was here that the conservationist and wildlife enthusiast Jim Corbett shot one Man Eater. Good for us though as we get to explore the village without fear, now that the Man Eater is long dead! After lunch the afternoon is free for a nature walk, sunbathing, bird watching, fishing or anything else that you may fancy.

Day 07 :

The last day on the river we start from Pari Gaon to reach the take out at Boom. There is a distinct shift in the vegetation around as we enter the Terai region and you may find wild elephants sharing the river with you! After lunch load up and drive to Kathgodam to board the night train out of Kathgodam to Delhi.

Day 08 :

This is the end of the journey folks; we’re back to Delhi, bright and early.

Pickup point
Sheraghat, Baisiya Chhana, Kumaon, Uttarakhand, India View on Map