Get Up, Close and Personal with Animals on a Wildlife Tour in India

India is home to some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the world. The reserves usually span over several hundred square kilometres in area. A large variety of wild animals and birds can be seen here roaming freely in their natural habitat. Red Chilli Adventure offers some great wildlife tours in India covering the famous Rajaji National Park and Corbett Tiger Reserve. Book a half-day trip or spend a couple of nights in the forest among the animals! The thrill of the jungle compares to no other. Every corner has a surprise waiting to be discovered. A trip to the jungle is evocative of our ancient history and primal link to the wilderness. So, come on a tour of the forest with us and get in touch with your wild side. 

Duration: 5 Hours to 3 Days            Location: Uttarakhand

Best time to go: November till June
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Raja Ji National Park: Half Day Safari - Tour
Raja Ji National Park: Half Day Safari
₹ 2,700
5 Hours
15th Nov - 15th June
Veerbhadra, Uttarakhand
Raja Ji National Park: Half Day Safari
₹ 2,700
Our car meet you at your hotel and drive to Raja Ji National park. It is about 20km long drive to reach Chila - gate to the Raja Ji National park and can take an hour to reach there by car. Once you reach there we get a permit for the safari in the park from the authorities. Entry into the park is not permitted after dusk. So it is best to move around within the park during the mornings and late afternoons and you never know, but you might be lucky enough to see some splendid animals. Travel a kilometer from the entrance gate to the park to an old machan, once used by hunters, but now provided as a useful place for visitors to watch for the park's various dwellers. We take you for 35km long drive in side the park which takes about 3 hours. You will be able to see elephants, massive deer herds, wild boars, lesser cats and if you are lucky you will be able to see tiger and leopards. After 3 hours ride we come out of the park and car drive you back to your hotel in Rishikesh. Trip finishes at arrival back in Rishikesh. read more read less
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Corbett Tiger Reserve: Bijrani Range and Camp - Tour
Corbett Tiger Reserve: Bijrani Range and Camp
₹ 13,500
2 Nights 3 Days
15th Nov 2017 - 15th June 2018
Bijrani Range, Uttarakhand
Corbett Tiger Reserve: Bijrani Range and Camp
₹ 13,500
Corbett National Park at the foothills of the Himalayas is famous especially for its tigers. Named after the famous conservationist- Jim Corbett, the park offers some great Jeep safari opportunities along with the benefit of some spectacular wildlife in your wake. One of the Jungle safari opportunities is at the Bijrani Range where you can go for a half day either in the morning or afternoon. This is for almost 3 hours in the park with an open jeep safaris giving an open view of the flora and fauna and the animals. One can also enjoy an elephant ride at the Bijrani Forest guest house which takes about an hour but to enjoy elephant ride you need to cut down on your jeep safari hours. 3 Days 2 Night package is good for this tour. read more read less
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Take the Road Less Travelled

The best wildlife safaris in India take you to the heart of the action. Trips to well-known forests and parks can be disappointing if you don’t get some good sightings of the animals. Red Chilli Adventure is one of the most reliable wildlife tour operators in India because our experienced guides know the best trails within the parks to let you get the best sightings. We take you by jeep or on elephant back to lesser known spots in the forest. The remote spots less frequented by tourists draw more animals. The secluded trails through the thick foliage and undergrowth are also more exciting as they let you experience the forest as it is- untamed, unpredictable and far removed from all human contact. 

Explore the jungle on elephant back

The most enjoyable way to explore a forest is by riding on the back of an elephant. The jumbos tread through dense foliage clearing the way with their trunks and give you a spectacular vantage point from which to see the surroundings. Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand is bisected by the river Ganga and is also fed by several brooks that serve as watering holes for the animals of the park. It has an estimated 250 panthers, 12 tigers, over 500 elephants besides a wide variety of other animals like spotted deer, bears, wild boar, barking deer, sambar and 400 different species of birds. A ride through the many trails of Rajaji National park on elephant back lets you spot some of these marvellous animals from a very close range. 

Spend a night in the forest

Experience the thrill of staying in tents or mud huts in the middle of the forest surrounded by the cries of nocturnal creatures. Our wildlife tour packages in India let you go the whole hog and get a real taste of life in the jungle. A two-night, 3- day trip to Corbett Tiger Reserve takes you on an extensive tour of the forest over half-day safaris. Spot the famous Royal Bengal tiger, Asiatic elephant and several other wild animals and reptiles on these safaris. At sundown, return to your tents where you can enjoy refreshments around a campfire and be regaled by the stories of your local guides about their experiences in the jungle. It’s fascinating to see how the forest changes with the passing of day. In the morning, lit by sunlight, the forest seems quite amenable to our excursions. However, after sundown covered in darkness the forests are less inviting. 

Enjoy a hassle-free trip with Red Chilli Adventure 

Red Chilli Adventure is one of the most trusted wildlife tour companies in India. We undertake all logistical support for your trip including permits, transfers and accommodation where required. The best time to visit the forests is between November and June as several parks remain closed for the monsoon seasons. Popular forest reserves including Corbett accept provisional bookings in the rainy season. However, forest authorities reserve the right to cancel such bookings due to inclement weather and don’t provide any refund for the cancelled trip. Book with Red Chilli Adventure to enjoy hassle-free trips and avoid such incidents. Our trips are reasonably priced to suit every budget and our friendly guides are with you every step of the way for any assistance. 

Develop a lifelong passion 

The thing about forests is that once you’re hooked, there’s no turning back. Such is the magnetic charm of the wild. Travellers after their first trip to the jungle find themselves drawn again and again to the call of the woods. It is in a sense a visceral response to a certain je ne ce quoi; a primal connection with Nature and a sense of oneness with the elements. Red Chilli Adventure is the preferred partner for wildlife tours in India giving people a taste of that strange primordial familiarity with the jungle alongside the best logistical support. Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor that some of our happy customers have left for us and then book your own adventure with us. 

Both Rajaji National Park as well as Corbett Tiger Reserve are well connected by rail, road and air to some of the major cities in north India. Rajaji National Park is 220 kilometres from New Delhi and is just 35 kilometres from the nearest airport at Dehradun. A direct train connects Corbett in Ramnagar to New Delhi via Moradabad. Trains and state- run buses ply regularly on these routes making for easy connectivity. To enjoy a wildlife tour in India, it is important to follow the rules and regulations of the reserve forests. The rules encourage a non-intrusive approach to the animals with strict guidelines about which trails to take and designated parking areas. This is for the safety of the animals as well as visitors. Park rules also include instructions on the proper disposal of non- biodegradable waste. Being in the territory of wild animals, it is important to respect their space. 

So, bring your cameras and come with us for some of the best wildlife safaris in India. We promise some rare sightings, great shots and an unforgettable adventure.