Each trek has been given a grade based on the level of difficulty to be encountered. The grading system is subject to change based on varying conditions and may even change year to year. But it still gives a good picture of what you are likely to experience up there.

EASY: These treks have 3 to 4 hours walking per day and can involve some ascent and descent. These trips are open for the first timers and families. 

MODERATE: These treks generally have 4 to 6 hours of walking per day and can involve a reasonable amount of ascent and descent. This grade is suitable for someone in good health and who is regular walker. Suitable for anyone who is used to walking on weekends or so, no previous trekking experience required. 

DEMANDING: Anything from 10 to 15 days of trekking with crossing mountain passes at over 5000m. Tough mountain terrain will be encountered including scree slopes, glacial moraines, or areas with no proper paths. No technical climbing/ mountaineering skills required but considerable stamina will be needed.

Choose Your Own Adventure

High-altitude treks are a great way of exploring the outdoors. Miles of walking on rugged terrain, over icy glaciers and moraine untouched by the ministrations of civilization, gives you an intimate experience of the place. India with its diverse topography of mountains and rivers is a preferred destination for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. The Himalayas with their many hidden trails and mystique are especially popular for high-altitude treks. In the last few years, trekking in India has become a popular choice for thrill seekers looking for an expedition to the outdoors. Red Chilli Adventure is one of the most trusted adventure tour companies based in Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. We are a 17 year old adventure tour operator with extensive experience organising trekking and rafting tours across north and north-east India. Trekking like any other sport has different levels of proficiency. The classification of treks is based on the nature of the terrain, altitude, gradient etc. You can choose your trip based on your own comfort level and have a truly memorable adventure. 

Easy Treks 

The most basic grade of trekking is self-evidently termed “Easy”. This is a relaxed trek with 3-4 hours of walking per day. There are some slight ascents and descents, but these are all fairly easy and don’t require any prior mountain trekking experience. Most Himalayan treks, including the easy ones can go up to altitudes of 3500-4000 metres. Red Chilli Adventure offers some lovely trekking packages in India like the Chandrashila tour and the Surya Top - Dayara Bugal trip which are “Easy”- graded trips. These are mostly leisurely trips with short walks that don’t require much physical exertion. The Chandrashila trek is a 3-night, 4-day trip that provides some great views of famous peaks like Choukhamba and Kedarnath- both sacred pilgrimage sites for Hindus. If you’re keen to experience trekking in Rishikesh with your family or close ones, this is the trip for you. The first day of the trek eases you in with a short 1-hour trek from Sari village to Deoriatal where you stay overnight in camps. The rest of the trip too is laid back with gradual ascents and slow-paced treks. The main idea here is to let you explore the terrain at your own pace and soak in the beauty of the surroundings. The trip offers some great views of peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul etc. You ultimately reach the Chandrashila summit at 4000 metres, although the journey is a slow and measured one. 

Another Easy trip among our trekking packages in India is the Surya top - Dayara Bugal trek. This trip is perfect not just for being undemanding, but it also offers the most holistic experience of the Himalayas. Trek through lush cedar and rhododendron forests, spot rare species of local and migratory birds, visit remote Himalayan villages for an insight into the lives of indigenous people and finally reach the Surya top at 3900m with spectacular views of the range all around. This too is a trip that can be enjoyed with family and doesn’t require much vigour or exertion. 

Moderate Treks 

Moderate treks are slightly more challenging than Easy ones and suit those who are in reasonably good health and used to a mild degree of exercise. Moderate treks usually entail 4-8 hours of walking in a day with some steep ascents and downhill routes. Having said that, these treks don’t require any special training and can be completed even by first time trekkers looking for a challenge. Red Chilli Adventure offers a wide variety of Moderate grade treks across north India with a special focus on the Himalayas. 

Red Chilli Adventure’s Markha Valley trek in Ladakh is a 4-night, 5-day trip that takes you to Kongmaru La pass at an altitude of 5200 metres. This is the highest point of the trek which is reached towards the end of the trip. From here it is a steep 2-hour descent which gradually becomes level upon approaching Shange Gorge with its curious rock formations. Our Yamunotri to Dodital tour is another Moderate grade trek completed in 5-nights and 6-days. The trek is full of zigzag routes through forests, winding ascents and steep downhill climbs. We have the best Himalayan trekking guides who are with you every step of the way to keep you safe on the tour. Some of these Moderate grade treks also involve traversing icy glaciers and moraine. The Pangarchulli trek in Uttarakhand takes you to the Kuari Pass at 3860 metres. You need to walk through a forest and across a ridge to get to the pass. While this is fairly easy, a steep descent of 200 metres is more challenging because of the wet and icy conditions of the terrain. Due to the slippery nature of the slope, trekkers need to be mindful of their footing and balance. 

Demanding Treks 

Demanding adventures are the highest grade in the classification of treks. They mostly require an advance level of fitness for long hours of walking on mountainous terrain, often under challenging conditions. Demanding treks are strenuous in that they entail over 8 hours of walking or more for crossing mountain passes. In India, these treks cover altitudes of over 5000 metres, usually over glacial moraines, scree slopes and areas with no proper paths. The trek to Mount Stok Kangri in Ladakh is a great example of this grade of trek. Hailed as one of the most beautiful peaks in Ladakh, Stok Kangri stands at an altitude of 6150 metres that we climb in the span of a week. This is a great feat that can’t be achieved anywhere else in Asia. The last leg of the ascent begins from the base camp at 5000m. For this final summit push, we leave in the middle of the night when the snow is harder and easier to walk on. Depending on snow conditions, we use snow axes, ropes and crampons for trekking up the slope. The climb takes 7 to 8 hours and is quite strenuous. Our Lamayuru to Darcha trek in the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh, is another demanding trip spanning 20 days. The trek takes you over 8 mountain passes over 4000 metres with the highest point being 5400 metres. 

Red Chilli Adventure offers a wide variety of trekking packages in India. We have something for everyone to enjoy. Our sound logistical support and thorough knowledge of the region makes us the best trekking company to partner with. So, check out our catalogue of treks and book yours today!

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