Grading of Treks

Each trek has been given a grade based on the level of difficulty to be encountered. Most of our treks in the Indian Himalaya including easy treks can go up to at least 3500m to 4000m. The grading system is subjective to a degree and conditions may vary year to year, but it gives a good overall picture of what you are likely to experience. Please contact us if you have any question about the grading levels. 

EASY: These treks have 3 to 4 hours walking per day and can involve some ascent and descent. These trips are open for the first timers and families. 

MODERATE: These treks generally have 4 to 6 hours of walking per day and can involve a reasonable amount of ascent and descent. This grade is suitable for someone in good health and who is regular walker. Suitable for anyone who is used to walking on weekends or so, no previous trekking experience required. 

STRENUOUS: Anything from 10 to 15 days trekking with some crossing mountain passes at over 5000m. Challenging mountain terrain will be encountered including scree slopes, glacial moraines, or areas with no proper paths. No technical climbing/mountaineering skills required but considerable stamina will be needed.