Actual Distance: 28 Km                                         

Grade: III+, IV (Moderate Level).

Season: Mid Sept till End of June. 

Rafting from Kaudiyala to NIM beach- Rishikesh is called 35km by every operator in Rishikesh but in actual it is not 35km. It is around 28 km by River and takes around 3 and half to 4 hours to complete. This is another grade III, III+ rafting section with one grade IV rapid, The Wall, which can be a flipper at times, causing the raft to flip over and fling us into the water. And, contrary to popular belief, it is actually more fun and exciting than dangerous because each raft is not only equipped with experienced guides and a variety of safety equipment, but each of you is also wearing a life jacket, making drowning impossible. Apart from the 30-minute drive to the starting point and the time it takes to give safety instructions and equipment, the river takes about 4-5 hours to complete and has about 12 rapids, some small and some large, all of which are named Daniel's Dip (III+), The Wall (IV), Three Blind Mice (III+), CrossFire (III), Roller Coaster (III), Golf Course (III+), and Club House (III).

The travel to the starting place takes roughly an hour, followed by 30 minutes of preparation and safety briefing. The adrenaline-pumping adventure comes to a close just before Laxman Jhulla in Rishikesh, where it's only a 5-minute drive back to The Red Chilli Adventures Office.


6 Hours Every Day at 9:00AM Red Chilli Adventure- RIshikesh
Must Know

Facts to know before you book your rafting trip:

  • There is an age limit for rafting that is a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 55 years.
  • There is a weight limit of a minimum of 40kg and a maximum of 100kg. Weight needs to be in proportion with height. 6 feet tall 100kg is fine but 5 feet tall and 100km is not fine for rafting.
  • People needs to be in good health with an active lifestyle. People with heart problems/ bypass surgery or epilepsy or with severe asthma are not allowed on a rafting trip as it can be risky for their life. People with normal asthma can carry their inhalers with them on a raft and just let your guide know about it.
  • People need to wear appropriate clothing for rafting which is quick-drying clothes like shorts and T-shirt/ slacks pants or nylon tights. No sari or Skirts or burka please.
  • There is a Traffic jam in Rishikesh on the weekends so in case you are coming from Delhi / Haridwar or Dehradun, you make sure to keep 2-3 hours extra in hand to reach our office at Tapovan- Luxman Jhula in time.

Cancelation Policy for Day Rafting trips

  • Cancelation before 48 Hours, 90% refundable of total amount..
  • Cancelation before 24 Hours, 50% refundable of total amount.
  • Cancelation before less than 24 Hours or No Show Up, 100% chargeable. No refunds.

What is included in the tour

  • Transportation from Office to Office/ to the starting and from finishing point back to office.
  • All rafting gear including imported life jackets, helmet, paddle and wet suites in winter time (Dec till March).
  • Safety Kayaker with all the trips. 
  • Snack, Fruit and Juice on the river side at middle or end of the trip.

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Rafting Video ( It costs INR 1500 per raft and 8 people sit in one raft)
  • expenses of Personal Nature
What makes this tour special
  • 12 Rapids
  • Grade 4 rapid "The Wall"
  • Body Sirfing
  • Cliff Jump
  • Safety Kayaker
  • Snacks and Soft Drinks
Pickup point
Red Chilli Adventure, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India View on Map