Mountain biking in Rishikesh

Who does not love the mesmerizing trails of the mountain and the heavenly view of the landscapes? It gets better when you travel on a mountain bike! Anyone who has ever done biking on the mountains can certify that. But mountain biking is a bit different from your regular rides. It requires guidance and training to ensure optimal safety. If you have the riding license and zest to explore the snowy ranges in the northern treasure-lands of India, get started now! The amazing adventures are waiting to get explored while you ride on your powerful bike amidst the calm mountain trails.

Mountain biking – An adventure waiting for you

Mountain biking falls under the category of adventure sport. If you know how to ride a bike and have an untamed wish to ride through rough terrains, you can easily try out this unique adventure sport. Mountain biking does not involve a bike but a specially geared bicycle. But you need to have a fit body to ride on the rocky terrains.

  • You have to keep patience while riding on the two-wheeler and go cautiously.
  • These mountain bikes have a special suspension system and larger tires to make them appropriate for uneven mountain trails.
  • A sturdy braking system alongside highly durable wheels brings the right traction for travelling on mountainous roads.

Guided tours to start the adventures

If you are a beginner or someone with lesser experience in mountain biking, guided tours are the best. There are travel partners who arrange a guided tour for you. They determine the riding route, assist you with the essentialities and guide you on the right mountain biking practices. As a travel enthusiast, you can start your journey to explore the mountains with guided trips to the Himalayas.

Things to remember as a beginner

Mountain biking is difficult, for which many tend to avoid it. But if you have the zest to travel, do not worry about the difficulties. With the right riding group and tour operator, you can easily explore the hills.

  • Buy or rent a fully geared mountain bike from a shop or local biking group
  • Understand the routes rightly even if you are going with a group
  • Make yourself physically fit and enduring to harsh mountain weathers
  • Buy every safety gear to avoid any mishaps
  • Take tips from pro-riders

Safety gears and precautions

There are high chances of getting injuries while you ride on the rocky landscapes. The weather is harsh as the altitude increases. Thus, by keeping all these in mind, you must buy all essential safety gear and clothes. Buy a specialized bike riding kit and a repairing kit before you start to travel. Talk to an expert before planning the trip and buy the necessary safety guards.

Destinations you can explore 

India has multiple mountain routes that are perfectly fit for mountain biking. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily go for a guided tour to these locations. Watch the mesmerizing landscapes of the exotic Himalayan range while you ride on your geared mountain bike. Here are the best biking destinations and routes which you must try.

  • Kangra valley

One of the most popular mountain biking destinations in India is the Kangra valley. The amazing view of the pine forests, tea gardens and the mesmerizing view of the Dhauladhar range make the picture-perfect landscape. Expect a ride of a complete 260km for this adventure tour. The right time to visit the destination would be during the months of June, September and October.

  • Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Garhwal in Uttarakhand is a famous route for mountain biking. It pushes your limits and sets your spirit free as a new rider. With guided tours, there is no fear of riding to these adventurous locations. The destination has a natural combination of valleys, mountains, glaciers and green forests. The best part about this ride? You can visit the place at any time of the year!

  • Spiti Valley

Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh offers a breath-taking experience for mountain bikers. Most tour assisters organize guided trips to Spiti valley and plan the complete route to ease your planning requirements. The best time for riding to the valley is during the months of March to June.

  • Sikkim routes

Sikkim is an Indian state full of natural wonders. Dense forests, snowy mountains, rough terrains, tea gardens and whatnot! Sikkim has so many routes waiting to get explored by you. It is heaven for those willing to go for a guided mountain bike ride. The right time to travel to the various destinations of the state is between October to December.

Explore with the experts

Red Chilli Adventures brings you diverse touring routes in various parts of the country. You can check the different guided mountain biking trips on their official website. Find the best packages to start the journey to the magical lands of the mountain.


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