Travel experiences, if exciting, are very important assets of your life. You reminisce each moment and share with your close friends. India is a wonderful country, with thousands of magnificent places to visit and explore. We, Red Chilli Adventures, have rich experience in arranging luxurious and well-equipped treks, in and around the Himalayas in the Northern Belt, focusing on the satisfaction of the client.

The blog here discusses 10 distinctly unusual yet thrilling travel experiences that you must have, especially if you have enthusiasm in trekking. Read on.

Traveling to Shang from Chilling in Ladakh

It is one of the most enthralling experiences you can thoroughly enjoy. We arrange for your travels to Taru, mystic barren field in Ladakh. The real journey begins from Chilling, on a jeep. In the trail, you cross the Indus River. After that, you cross the Zanskar River on a cable trolley. There will be ponies waiting for you on the other side of the river, which you can ride to Shang.

Traveling to the Land of the Nomads

When you want high-voltage adventure, then our package that makes you travel to the Land of the Nomads in Ladakh is one of the best choices. It is a strenuous trek at high altitude. The itinerary covers two major passes – Rupshu and the Land of the Nomads. The nomads earn their living by trading in Yak furs and Pashmina wool. You can have a first-hand experience of mingling with the nomads, witnessing their daily lifestyle.

Traveling to the famous Mount Kang Yatse

There is no dearth of demanding adventures in Ladakh. For example, you can opt for an extensive trek to the Mound Kang Yatse, where the summit is at an altitude of 6400 metres. At the summit, you experience the spectacularly panoramic view of the Karakoram Range. Moreover, you get clear glimpses of the beautiful Changtang Plateau.

Trekking to Bara Bhangal in Himachal Pradesh

We arrange luxurious treks in Himachal Pradesh, and one of the packages includes trekking to the fascinating Bara Bhangal. The itinerary covers the lovely, scenic path that begins from the Kullu Valley and concludes at the fascinating Kangra Valley.

Pin Parvati Pass

Even Himachal Pradesh has lots of exciting offerings when it comes to demanding adventures. One such example is traveling to the captivating Pin Parvati Pass. It is an extensive trek that makes you travel across the Kullu Valley, amidst several picturesque places. You reach the Spiti Valley in the trail.

Traveling to Deo Tibba

If you want a more unconventional adventurous experience, then consider traveling to the lovely Deo Tibba. The itinerary starts at the beautiful spot of Jagatsukh. We arrange a jeep for you. It takes you further in the terrains. There are horses and pony men who take care of the baggage. The trek leads to the Hampta Pass. It is no doubt an incredibly intriguing trek that is practically very fulfilling for any enthusiast.

Traveling to Darcha from Lamayuru

Himalayas have a wealth of trails that reveal a completely new world to the travelers. One such experience is trekking to Darcha from Lamayuru. We arrange the trek professionally that takes you through the Zanskar Valley, historically considered to be a part of the ancient Buddhist Kingdom. The adventure spans for 20 days that is packed with loads of thrills.

Trekking to Mount Stock Kangri

It is yet another captivatingly demanding adventure trip that you must not miss, especially we assure you of Quality gears, team and luxury experience. The amazing thing about the trek is it includes a moderately easy climb to the Mt. Kangri, without any intense technical hassles. The summit has an altitude of 6150 metres. It gives you a breathtakingly panoramic view of the mighty Karakoram Range.

Traveling to Chandrashila

When you are searching for a fairly easy yet enchanting travel experience, then choosing our Chandrashila Trekking package would be the right decision. The complete itinerary spans about 4 days. It is easily manageable even if you are new to trekking. The relaxed travel experience will let you to more minutely observe the lovely nature along the trail and it is Worth it! You also witness the beautiful Deori-Tal Lake on the way.

Traveling to Kuari Pass

When you are seeking for a moderate level adventure amidst the wilderness of Uttarakhand Mountains and forests, traveling to Kuari Pass can truly be a great choice. It is one of the more popular treks among the regular mountaineers. You witness the various sides of the village life in the region.

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