Uttarakhand is considered to be a paradise for trekkers. There are multiple trails across the state, which you can explore and experience incredible thrills. We, Red Chilli Adventure, arrange high-end customized treks for you, further realizing your trekking goals.

The beautiful mountainous terrains of Uttarakhand has places such as Roop Kund, Nanda Devi, Auden’s Col and many similar regions where trekking is blissful in the truest of senses. We also have many years of expertise in organizing a wide range of adventure sports for the interested trekkers, prioritizing the satisfaction of the client. Here is a list of customized private treks you can try in Uttarakhand.

Trek to Surya Top

The trek covers the mesmerizingly lovely place of Daya Bugyal. The level is easy. Even if you are new to trekking, you can conveniently manage it. A crucial point to keep in mind while planning a trek is choosing a perfect time. The best time for trekking to Surya Top, located at a height of 4000 metres in the Himalayas, is from Mid-May to July. Another season remains open from September till mid-November.

Pangrachulli Trek

There is no shortage of options for trekking lovers in Uttarakhand. For example, you can avail the incredibly exciting Pangrachulli Trek where you reach the summit at a height of 4800 metres. In this customized trek, you also get the magnificent glimpse of the imposing Nanda Devi. The level of this trek is moderate. So, a little experience in trekking might help in enjoying it more.

Trek from Yamunotri to Dodital

Dodital is a fascinatingly beautiful freshwater lake in Uttarakhand. According to mythological stories, it is the abode of Lord Ganesha. It is located at an altitude of 3024 metres. The trail is along the Human Chatti, a region in Yamunotri Valley. Yamunotri is situated in the captivating Garhwal Himalayas. You are bound to enjoy each moment of the trek. It is a thoroughly immersive experience and totally Worth it!

The Kuari Pass Trek

It is yet another exciting trek in Uttarakhand that you can consider. Several trekkers are in love with the lovely trail of the Kuari Pass Trek. The level is moderate. Hence, you do not need to have huge trekking experience to cover it. The trail offers you motley of breathtakingly beautiful views of the pristine nature of the region, including the lush green vegetation and warm, friendly hamlets.

Trek to the Source of Ganga

This trek is one of the popular treks in Uttarakhand that enthusiasts regularly aim at. The total span of the trek covers 7 nights and 8 days. We arrange it in the Gaumukh, Kedarnath region. A point to be noted is the trek may pose a challenge to few of the trekkers, due to the nature of terrain. A trekker has the option to go beyond the famous Gaumukh point and spend time in a camp, at the Shivling Peak base.

Auden’s Col Trek

When you want to trek to your heart’s content in the mystic Bhinglana Range of Uttarakhand, the Auden’s Col Trek is the perfect choice. It covers one of the most frequent trails. The mountain peaks Jogin I at 6465 metres and Gangotri III at 6580 metres are connected by the Auden’s Col. It got its name from a well-known British geologist, J.B. Auden, who was the first explorer of the region way back in 1939.

Trek to Base of Nanda Devi East

It is yet another extremely interesting trek that is very elaborate, spanning over 14 nights and 15 days. It starts from a lovely hamlet called Munsiyari, located at an altitude of 2290 metres. In the trail, you can get enthralling glimpses of the Panchchuli peaks. The trek takes you to the Base of Nanda Devi East, and to the fascinating Milam Glacier.

Kalindi Khal Trek

The Kalindi Khal Trek is arguably the most comprehensive trek that we meticulously organize for the enthusiasts who want to explore the mystic mountains of Uttarakhand. The duration of the trek covers 15 nights and 16 days. It is a pretty demanding trek. So, some experience in trekking comes in handy. The trek covers a whopping distance of 99 kilometres, and is strenuous. It is suitable for trekkers who have a relentless zeal to blend their energetic spirits with the indomitable elements of the nature.

Chandrashila Trek

It is a fairly easy level of private trek we arrange for trekkers who are interested in a light-hearted experience in exploring the terrains of Uttarakhand. It begins from a hamlet known as Sari and takes the path that has Deori Tal Lake. The trek is relaxing and provides you lots of photography opportunities.

Hire us for the best trekking experience

We assure each trekker Quality gears, team and luxury experience. Check out the packages we offer for enthusiasts like you. Our treks are filled with thrills, in a luxurious way.

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