Who we are

Our rafting team is well certified with International Rafting Federation and Rescue 3 courses which will ensure your trips with us remains safe and fun-filled at the same time. Our trekking team has done course from some of the most reputed mountaineering institutes in India and have explored almost all the major parts of Indian Himalaya. We take pride in our safety standards and our team for whom travel is not simply an interesting job, but an all-consuming passion.


The Himalayas have been blessed with a supreme range of mountains aptly suitable for trekking up its steep slopes and those rushing rivers which give a whole new dimension to white water rafting in India. Add to this, camping at breath taking locations, often with a mountain cliff or little streams of a river as a back drop! These treks and rafting expeditions are graded according to difficulty level and number of days taken to cover them thus whatever be your experience and requirements we would always have a suitable adventure ready for you.

You can choose between Trekking in Ladakh, Trekking in Uttarakhand and Trekking in Himachal Pradesh with us. The rafting expeditions can also be divided into rafting in Rishikesh, rafting in Ladakh and/or rafting in India which include the Alaknanada and Bhagiriti tributaries of the River Ganges.

With your comfort as our prime responsibility, we make sure that you get the best of your holiday while you interact with the locals, take in the stunning landscape surrounding you and simply feel one with nature, while we carry your gear, prepare your meals, set up your camps and take care of all your requirements. At Red Chilli Adventure we want you to worry about nothing but getting the maximum out of your trip.

Our Backbone


Vipin sharma

He joined rafting in 1996 and became a guide. Growing up in the mountains and being familiar with almost every trail and road, it long for him to get involved into trekking as well. He has been guiding, rafting and trekking trips for good 15 years in Indian Himalaya.

John Cooper

John lives in a small village in Austria- Pfunds and works as a rafting and canyoning guide in summers and as a ski guide during winters. he helped to set up Red Chilli adventure and its business in Rishikesh. He plays an important role in the company and its progress.

Ganesh Gurjar

The heavy work load of Red Chilli Adventures involving all the paper work, accounts and management is handled by Ganesh and has been handled by him since 2000, when he joined us making him one of the first employs of Red Chilli Adventures.

Arvind Bhardwaj

In addition to being a rafting guide, a trekking guide and a team leader, he is also a very entertaining companion with a country side charm , great smile and an ability to talk nonstop!


Growing up in Uttarkashi which is the starting point for most Himalayan treks, Anil has been a witness to many treks which fueled his interest in this adventure sport. He is one of our most able guides when it comes to high passes and difficult treks.

Rajeev Kumar

Calm, disciplined and very experienced guide in our team, Rajeev has done sight-seeing tours and excursions across all parts of India. He is qualified in Mountaineering from A.B.V.M.Institute, Manali and has been handling some of our most difficult trekking trails, He is very resourceful and always ready to help the clients.


He is local from Rishikesh and has all the news from surroundings. I would say he is gossip man. Short and well built he is a very skilled kayaker and rafting rafting guide.


He grew up by the river so is a brilliant Kayaker with a very witty smile. He would keep entertaining you on the river with his great stunts. You would be lucky if u get to hear his voice.

Sahdev Rana

Sahdev has guided on almost all the major rivers across India, including Zanskar, Kali and Brahmaputra. He has worked hard over the years to become one of the most sought after guides. Quick-witted and cheerful, Sahdev develops an excellent rapport with clients making the trips memorable.

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